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awkward virginal sex- by laura and liz - we recruit

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March 28th, 2004

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03:09 pm - awkward virginal sex- by laura and liz
scene one:
boy: uh...uh..i brought one, you..wanna...ug...use it?
girl: um, how?
boy: like, you know...you wanna...do it?
girl: oh, um, okay.

scene two:
(after trying to put on the condom for 20 mintues)
boy: uh, i think it's on. you can't get pregnant, can you?
girl: i don't think so. maybe you should use two just in case.
boy: um, um, tell me if it hurts
girl: uh. um. okay.

scene three:
in girls mind: when will this be over...it's been 45 minutes. he keeps
thrusting funny and i have to stifle the urge to laugh...i'm hungry. there's some ice cream in the freezer. i'd like some of that. or maybe an english muffin...with peanut butter.
in girls mind: what is she thinking about? why is she smiling? i bet it's cause i'm a sex machine. OR MAYBE I'M NOT?! oh shit.

scene four:
really really really really awkward grunting

scene five:
in boys mind: don't look at my penis, it's flacid.
boy: where do i put the used one?
in girls mind: it's flacid!
girl: in the trash
Current Mood: i'm so awkward!
Current Music: the unicorns-tuff ghost

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